Remembering My Dad

by Donna J. Jodhan

Dad left me a little over 21 years ago and to this day I miss him as if it were only yesterday when he left. At his funeral, I eulogized him as someone who was not just my dad, he was my friend. He left me an invaluable legacy, knowledge. He understood my needs and never failed to come through for me.

I was the unexpected baby; born eight hours after my twin brother. Mom never knew that she was having twins and when she and dad were told that I was on the way, just imagine their surprise and then they discovered that I was blind! They never faltered as parents and my dad remained a constant source of knowledge for me.

As early as I can remember, he would read to me; story books, newspapers, and selected articles of interest. He taught me all about Religion, politics, economics, plus much more. He helped me to become a passionate and compassionate Human Being. He taught me respect, how to treat others, but most of all, he instilled courage and motivation into me.

Dad taught me my alphabet, taught me how to count, and he was constantly challenging my mental strength and capacity. He taught me how to ride a bike and we often raced along the beach either on foot or on our bikes. He taught me how to swim, to fly a kite, and he often played cards, football, and cricket with me. He even took me fishing and placed those delicate little butterflies in the palm of my hand. Dad probably wished that I would remain his little girl for ever but that was okay. I grew up and he was still my dad.

Dad was my hero; a gentleman to the end, and someone who was never afraid to help others. He was loyal to his friends and family, a leader in his own right. He was gentle, firm, and loving. Most of all, he never stopped encouraging me to reach for the stars and had faith in my abilities as a blind person. Rest in peace dad! Till we meet again.

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