Tactile Town: A 3-D O&M Kit from APH

Tactile Town provides an extensive interactive, three-dimensional model to help teach spatial concepts and environmental layouts.
This kit assists in the development of cognitive mapping skills by helping students who are visually impaired and blind perceive and organize their physical environment specific to concepts such as street layouts, intersections, route patterns, city block arrangements, etc. It encourages active participation and interaction with displayed map layouts so that concepts and skills, not conveniently accessed through real-life exploration, can be learned and practiced.
Tactile Town is designed to be inviting to both tactile and visual learners, with attractive pieces incorporating contrasting colors, textures, and recognizable features. By providing a wide variety of fun, colorful components that can be easily customized or extended, Tactile Town is an ideal starter kit for instruction and reinforcement of mapping skills and concepts.
The included large print Teacher's Guidebook (braille version available separately) provides 17 suggested layout activities that are presented in a progressive manner, from basic compass directions to a complex city block. Suggested interactive games can be completed for an individual student using the MS Word® file on the accompanying CD-ROM. Accessible versions (html, brf, txt, and dtb) of the guidebook are also on the CD-ROM.

Tactile Town Includes

20 Buildings
  • 4 Large Houses
  • 8 Small Houses
  • 4 Curved-Topped Buildings
  • 4 Flat-Topped Buildings
Street Scenery Pieces
  • 1 Pond
  • 2 Railroad Tracks
  • 4 Long Crosswalks (vertical lines)
  • 4 Long Crosswalks (horizontal lines)
  • 12 Short Crosswalks (vertical lines)
  • 12 Short Crosswalks (horizontal lines)
  • 8 Yellow Dividing Lines/Medians
  • 10 Long Sidewalks
  • 8 Short Sidewalks
  • 5 Splitter Islands
  • 66 White Road Dashes
  • 4 Arrows – 2 Left, 2 Right Turns
3-D Components
  • 6 Stop Signs
  • 4 Yield Signs
  • 2 Yellow Pedestrians (smooth texture)
  • 2 Blue Pedestrians (bumpy texture)
  • 4 Orange Cars (smooth texture)
  • 7 Yellow Cars (bumpy texture)
  • 4 Pedestal Traffic Lights
  • 8 Flat Traffic Signals
Sewn Grassy Pieces
  • 1 Cul-de-sac
  • 1 Large Circle
  • 1 Small Circle
  • 2 Long Narrow Strips
  • 2 Short Narrow Strips
  • 4 Roundabout Corners
  • 4 Wedges (2 pairs of mirrored opposites)
  • 2 Triangles
  • 8 Rectangles with rounded corners
  • 8 Rectangles with square corners
  • 8 Squares
Print/Braille Labels
  • 16 Location Labels
  • 8 Street Name Labels
  • 16 Direction Labels
  • 13 Zoo Labels
  • 8 Personal Name Labels
  • 1 Package of blank labels for customizing
Other Items
  • 1 Package of full-size, blank Braillable Labels and Sheets
  • 2 Picture Maker Storage Panels
  • 1 Tri-fold Board
  • 1 Compartment Tray Insert
  • 1 Red Carrying/Storage Box
Recommended ages: 5 years and up. Note: Some assembly required to attach hook/loop material to manipulatives.
WARNING: Choking Hazard -- Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

Catalog Number: 1-03135-00
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