Those Treasured Story Books

by Donna J. Jodhan

Ah! To be a kid once more or I should say it like this! To dream of when I was a kid! Those happy times when my dad and my older brother Robert used to read to me. What fun I used to have; imagining as they read to me. Dad and Robert have since passed away but their voices reading to me when I was a kid will always live on in my mind.

When I was a kid, I was unable to read print because of being blind and true to form my family came through for me. Dad and Robert would read to me; from those treasured story books and fairy tales. As they read, fairies came to life in my mind. I was the little princess going off with the handsome prince. I was the little girl getting into all kinds of trouble. I was the little fairy waving my wand and carrying out acts of magic and good deeds. When they were finished reading and long after the lights were out, I would lie in bed and imagine the stories all over again.

Some times I would day dream in class and even imagine that I could read these treasured story books for myself but when I grew tired of imagining I would conjure up dad and Robert reading to me. I could practically zone everything else out as their voices came clearly into my mind and o how I treasured these special times. I could hear them reading about the fairies flying around, the witch getting up to her nasty tricks, and the handsome prince saving the princess in distress.

Then I would go home and run to my room where I would look for my treasured story books. I always put them in the same place after dad and Robert had finished reading to me the previous night.

Blind kids of today continue to enjoy reading books but now they can do it all by themselves; listening to them on MP3 or Daisy books. If you would like to learn more about how blind kids read story books, please visit the American Printing House at

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