The Workplace Syndrome

by Donna J. Jodhan

For lack of a better term, this is what I call it; the workplace syndrome. The workplace has now taken on so many new meanings and dimensions and we need to keep this in mind as we attempt to add the needs and demands of blind and partially sighted people. Today we find that it can apply to any of the following:

  • The workplace in an office environment
  • The workplace in one’s home
  • The workplace on the road

For blind and partially sighted people, these changes can both be a challenge as well as an exciting time but it all depends on certain factors. Factors such as having the right type of technology to meet the requirements of the environment of the workplace.

There is no reason why blind and partially sighted people cannot be a part of any of these types of workplaces. All it takes is a bit of patience, research and a willingness on both sides to make it happen. Blind and partially sighted people need to ensure that they can access their environment in an efficient manner and this means ensuring that their access technology is able to communicate with mainstream technology.

In the case of the mainstream workplace in an office environment, blind and partially sighted people need to ensure that their access technology can access the company’s intranet, mainframe environment if necessary, and that it can communicate in an efficient manner with online screens and databases. In case of at home workplaces, there needs to be an assurance that access technology can communicate appropriately with company servers and the same would hold true for an on the road workplace.

Employers need not be too worried about a blind or partially sighted person’s ability to use hand held devices such as IPhones, IPods, or IPads. Apple has done a marvelous job at ensuring that this is all possible. In short, the changing nature of the workplace should not affect the abilities and capabilities of blind and partially sighted people to be participating contributors.

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