An Accessible Rubik's Cube, Not Too Puzzling to Adapt with APH Products

Do you have an off-the-shelf Rubik's Cube handy? If so, there are several easy ways to adapt it for use by a person with visual impairment or blindness using one of the following APH products:

a) Apply a tactile "Point Symbol" sticker to each color square. Select a unique point symbol to represent each color. For example, apply a raised outline circle to each green square, a V-shape symbol to each orange square, a raised bump to each blue square, and so forth. Assorted tactile Point Symbol stickers are available in two separate packages of Feel 'n Peel Stickers [Catalog Nos. 1-08846-00 and 1-08868-00].

b) Would you rather have textures applied than tactile point symbol stickers? Cut and apply small textured squares from the assorted textured sheets included in Carousel of Textures [Catalog No. 1-08863-00] and/or Textured Paper Collection [Catalog No. 1-03275-00]. Assign a unique texture to each color square—soft to blue, rough to red, bumpy to yellow, and so forth. Don't forget that you can leave one color smooth!

Both tactile adaptations can provide a novel design for sighted peers as well!

For some interesting photos and description of other adapted Rubik's Cubes, visit


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