APH Shopping Site Showcases Teacher's Articles

For those seeking a hands-on explanation about some of APH’s products, author and teacher Kristie Smith is a well-versed and enthusiastic resource. Smith has been an educator for nearly thirty years and teaching children with visual impairments is her passion. Her literary output includes the Abby Diamond series of children’s detective mysteries, and Dottie and Dots See Animal Spots, which is a fun introduction to the braille alphabet.
Recently, the Fred's Head from APH blog has benefited from her articles about experiences she’s had using a wide variety of APH products in the classroom. Her inventive suggestions and insight are also now featured prominently in several product listings on the APH Shopping Site. We are grateful to Kristie Smith for taking the time to share her experience with us!
A few product listings featuring Smith's articles include the following (articles appear at the bottom of page):


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