Meet The APH Executives in Residence!

Three APH Executives in Residence pose together at Annual Meeting 2009: Kay Ferrell, Phil Hatlen, and Jane Erin.

APH has launched a web page devoted to our Executive in Residence program.

From time to time since 2005, APH has been privileged to host several luminaries in our field as Executives in Residence (EIRs), beginning with Dr. Cay Holbrook (University of British Columbia). Of the four EIRs to date, three are university professors who participated while on sabbatical, and one is a former university professor who retired as a residential school superintendent.

By being in residence at APH in Louisville, the executives have access to APH facilities, resources, and staff. In turn, APH staff members have a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from seasoned professionals. We are grateful for the generosity of EIRs in sharing their expertise with APH.


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