Out Of the Whirlpool: A Valuable Resource for Those Wanting to Learn About Blindness

by Terrie Terlau, PhD
APH Adult Life Project Leader

If you work with adults who have lost vision, if you have a visual impairment yourself, or if you want to acquire a more personal understanding of the rehabilitation process, you may find Sue Martin's on-line book, Out Of the Whirlpool, to be a valuable resource. Sue has worked for many years as a vision rehabilitation therapist and assistive technology specialist for a non-profit in Main, and as a vision rehabilitation therapist and now a systems analyst for the VA in Alabama. Sue is active in many sports and life activities. However, the focus of her book is on her loss of sight and her experience of self-discovery as she went through the rehabilitation process.

Sue's book captures the essence of the rehabilitation process with candor, depth, warmth, and technical accuracy. Sue's book brings readers the intimate experience of depression, the trauma that resulted in her blindness, and the discovery of her deepest self as she acquired new skills--as if it is happening to them.

This book provides a valuable read for orientation and mobility specialists, vision rehabilitation therapists, teachers of students with visual impairments, and other adults. It is not recommended for K-12 students because it deals with the adult psyche. The book can be read on-line free of charge at http://www.outofthewhirlpool.com/rehabilitation.


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