Are the blind easier victims?

by Donna J. Jodhan

This is a topic that often arises among my clients and friends and there are several ways to look at this question. On the one hand, some would argue that some suspects may think twice before making a blind person their victim but on the other hand; there are some suspects who would not think twice to do so.

One can only guess as to why anyone would want to make another person their victim of something such as fraud, dishonesty, or anything else that is dubious or underhanded. As to the question at hand, here are my thoughts on this subject.

Blind people may be easier victims because suspects may feel that it is easier to take advantage of them because of their lack of sight. For after all; blind people cannot read printed matterial without the aid of adaptive technology such as scanners with voice output capabilities, and large print magnification. If there is a trusted sighted person on hand, then you can add this to the resources that a blind person would have at their disposal.

A blind person is unable to decipher facial expressions, gestures, and other visual cues and accordingly, they are going to be at a disadvantage when dealing with a cunning sales person. So picture this example. A sales person comes to the door of a blind person to sell their vacuum cleaner. They quickly realize that their potential client is blind and bingo! They decide to attempt a scam! They show their blind victim the vacuum but then proceed to sell them something else. It has happened in cases that I personally know of.

What I want to say is this! A blind person is a more vulnerable person when it comes to potential scams and schemes. Without eyesight, blind people are more at the mercy of potential scammers and schemers.

Do you agree? Just my two cents for today.

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