Identification by Color, Not for Me

by Donna J. Jodhan

When I had sufficient vision, I used to depend heavily on colors to help me identify things. I could remember that when I was growing up, the yellow cup was mine. The blue cup belonged to Robert and the red one was Jeff's. The green towel was mom's, the pink one was granny's and dad had a multi colored one. Colors, colors, that's how I did it.

It carried on into adulthood. I used colors to differentiate things. Documents were filed in folders of various colors to help me keep things straight. CDs were mainly identified by colors; a red patch at the bottom or a blue one at the top, or a green bar at the top left hand corner or a yellow one somewhere else. I even used colors to help me mix and match my clothes. Mom used colors to help me identify things as well and my friends followed suit.

That was then and this is now. I can no longer use colors to help me identify things. So that when a pair of headphones comes with two identical jacks and the manufacturer has used different colors to distinguish between the one for the headphone and the one for the microphone, it means very little for me. I have to use tape to help me distinguish the difference. I put tape on one of the jacks and then I have to make sure that I remember which one I have put it on. The jack for the microphone or the one for the headphone.

Nowadays, there are talking color detectors to help a blind person overcome the challenge of colors. You can visit this link to learn more about one of them, called the Colorino from APH.

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