Insignia Narrator, a Talking HD Radio

The Narrator is the first IAAIS-certified HD Radio product, ergonomically designed for people who are visually impaired, with audible voice prompts and a wealth of niche programming, all in crisp CD-like digital sound. The Narrator eliminates the need to see the display. Audible voice prompts tell the user which button was pressed, and when the radio's functions are activated.

The Narrator's key features include:

  • Button layout and markings that are intuitively designed
  • Hi-fidelity HD Radio table top FM radio delivering CD-like sound quality without any static
  • 20-program memory so that your favorite stations are just a touch away
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack for convenience and privacy

The Narrator incorporates HD Radio Technology, which provides crisp, clear sound and a wealth of added formats via HD2/HD3 Channel capability on the FM dial, including sports, comedy and foreign language programming, among others.

IAAIS is a volunteer-driven membership organization of services that turn text into speech for people who cannot see, hold or comprehend the printed word and who may be unable to access information due to a disability or health condition. Find local member stations at

The radio is available for preorder from BestBuy right now. It will be available for regular purchase online this July. Click this link to visit to learn more or purchase the Insignia Narrator.


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