The World of Blind Parents

by Donna J. Jodhan At the best of times, it is often difficult and/or interesting for parents as they strive to ensure that their kids are brought up to be good contributors to society and all round good Human Beings. All parents want the best for their kids. The best lives for them and a future full of promise.

This is a much easier process for sighted parents as opposed to blind parents. For blind parents, there are additional challenges to face. One of the biggest challenges is attitude and another is to find ways to protect their independence.

I myself am not a blind parent but I have close friends who are and I never stop admiring the way they cope. My friends Melanie and Brian are blind parents of a little sighted boy Graham. They both work and follow a very hectic life. Graham is a normal little boy who does everything that all kids of his age do. Melanie and Brian are blind parents who are determined to protect their independence as blind parents.

From talking to other blind parents, attitude problems probably start as soon as their blind child is born and it continues on as they encounter doctors and medical professionals, teachers, other sighted parents and sighted kids, and up the ladder to others.

There is a whole world of compassionate people out there who will undoubtedly help to make things smoother for blind parents but at the same time there are those out there who through ignorance and naivety will continue to make life challenging.

Blind parents must be allowed to protect their independence, their right to be parents, and their right to live healthy normal lives with their kids whether or not those kids are blind or sighted. We as a society need to recognize and respect this.

Just my two cents worth for today.

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