How I Navigate My Freezer

by Donna J. Jodhan

It's really not that difficult; the only difference is that I use tactile methods to do this plus super organization. In addition, whenever anyone goes into my freezer to retrieve anything, they need to know that everything needs to be repacked in the same way that it was found or else I'll be in big trouble the next time I go hunting for something in my freezer.

I pack all my packages of chicken on one side of my freezer. Pork is on the other side. Beef and fish are in the middle. Boxes are labeled in Braille. Packages of vegetables are banished to the door of my freezer and I use tape to distinguish between them. I do not have to worry too much about bacon and sausages. Their shapes are enough to help me out.

I do not think that this is too much different from what a well organized sighted person would do when it comes to organizing their freezer. There are several other techniques that blind people can use when working with their freezers.

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