Technology Barriers for Blind Kids

by Donna J. Jodhan

As more and more toy companies continue to flood the market with new and improved ways for kids to learn and interact, the adverse effect could be said when it comes to the plight of blind kids. For example, blind kids are unable to take advantage of all of those wonderful educational toys such as the ones that teach kids how to read, write, count, and spell. Those wonderful pictionary games are out of the reach of blind kids, and learning by seeing is just not in the cards for blind children.

This is not really anyone's fault. It is just how the ball bounces and it is practically impossible for us to hold technology back. It could be compared to trying to pin a wave to the golden sand. Not possible. So, with all of this in mind, how can we make it a better world for our blind kids? What can we do in order to try and narrow the gap? A blind kid is no different when it comes to wanting to be a part of technology and play with technology. They like their sighted counterparts yearn to learn, understand, and play. They yearn to interact with the big TV screen just like any other kid and they yearn to be a part of the world of technology.

Progress has been made but we need to see more innovation on the part of all stakeholders.

If you would like to see what types of games and toys are available to blind kids, look at the games catagory of this blog.

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