The Accommodation Syndrome

By Donna J. Jodhan

I used to be more accepting whenever a company or organization told me that one of their policies included accommodation or the accommodation of the needs of disabled persons.  All well and good but for blind persons, this word is fast becoming a very unpleasant one.  You may be asking why and here are my reasons for what they are worth. 

I do not believe that any company or organization should be using this word because it gives the impression that they are going out of their way to accommodate our needs and demands.  No company or organization should have to feel or be put upon to accommodate any consumer or user.  It should be an automatic reflex or normal process and it should be taken in the same light as providing the same types of services and products to the mainstream world. 

I am often embarrassed whenever I hear this word used in the above context or whenever I am told that this is what companies and organizations are saying.  It sure singles us out and in a normal world it is one of the last things that blind persons need; to be singled out.  Yes, we do indeed have special needs but I don’t really hear this word being used whenever companies and organizations decide to provide their product information and services in multi languages. 

Come to think of it:  Is it not the same thing or concept?  If a company in an English-speaking country needs to attract the attention or provide multi language service, is it not the same thing?  Are they not accommodating the consumer whose first language is not English?

Just my two cents for today.

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