Phyllis Slater's Story: Part Three, 2005-2010

By Phyllis Slater

Another five years has gone by since the last article.  My vision is now 
wavy.  Everything looks like there is static, and TV is not fun anymore. 
People on the screen look like cartoon characters.  Oh well, another
adjustment and need to be patient with myself as well as others.

I have purchased the computer screen reading program, continued paying for my yearly membership to this community called System Access Mobile Network or SAMNet, as we call it.

Almost every night now I join 15 people in a chat room
while playing Internet games.  The websites offering free games for the
blind are RS Games and Quentin C Playroom.  If you have a screen reading
program, you can turn off the monitor and still play. Blind people have developed these companies:

Serotek offers software package called Docuscan Plus When I place a bill on
the copier, it scans into my computer and the software reads it to me. 
 The software breaks the picture down and separates the text.  This allows me to
save or e-mail the document to myself.  It also can turn the document into a
DAISY format for reading on a portable book reader.  Thank you Serotek
for this product!

Finding products over the Internet means finding companies who offer good customer service. Vitamins can be found on Puritan’s Pride website.  They are the only company with multivitamins low in Vitamin E.  This also contains the high dose of Vitamin A Palmitate I require. QVC is a simple way to shop for items such as bedding, designer cross body handbags, and small electric items.  Schwans Foods can be ordered online and delivered to the house.  However, their prices are a bit higher than I would like yet the convenience might be worth it.

If you would like to share with me internet companies who provide excellent service to the disabled community, I will try to list them in my next article.

Life is still a learning experience but I don’t have to walk alone.   Well enough said, tomorrow I meet blind friends at the shopping mall for lunch.  We take our community buses there.  One girl has a guide dog, another is almost completely blind, and I still have some vision.  Looking forward to this time with them.  We will discuss conventions, bowling, and travel.  Just because I am homebound more than before does not mean my life is over.  It’s just different. My new motto is: “One step at a time”.

Phyllis Slater


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