SoundGecko: Transcribing Articles into Audio Files

SoundGecko is a new website and app that transcribes articles into audio mp3 files. It is free and very simple. You simply go to and paste in a link to an article you want transcribed, along with the email address to which you want the file sent. In a matter of minutes, an email will appear in your inbox with the mp3 file of your article. The voice is a digitized male voice and obviously lacks emotion, but it is clear and easy to understand. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the voice.

 The SoundGecko service can also be connected to SkyDrive or DropBox, virtual cloud storage systems, enabling the user to access articles anywhere. An app is also available on the iPhone, while an app for Windows phones is in development.

 Visit SoundGecko's website to get started!

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