Testimonial from Tina Hansen

By Tina Hansen
(Published with permission of the author)

I never thought I'd be doing this, but after hearing that tour podcast and having our conversations, I wish to thank the American Printing House for the Blind for the services they've provided for so many in the blind community, including me. I was just looking at the book, History in the Making. This beautiful book, along with the competent narration by Jack Fox, helps me better understand this fantastic organization.

I've been blind all my life, and I never really realized how much the Printing House has played a part in my own education. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because I am an adult who is able to order materials that I realize just how much of a part the Printing House plays in my life, even now. When I was younger, I saw the old cassette players in the various schools I attended, but didn't realize they were from APH until I started reading about the various resources in the blind community. Others often ordered material on my behalf, and I had little clue where they came from.

As an adult, I now order materials on my own behalf. Recently, I ordered the Book Port Plus, the new digital talking book player that you're offering. I am enjoying this wonderful little tool. This, and the knowledge I've gained since my younger days, has given me a better sense of where I can get various daily living products, even though I am not in school.

I was just on the NLS Bard site, and I decided to download some titles that caught my interest, which happen to have been recorded in your studio. I wish to add my voice to those who enjoy hearing your competent narrators literally animate books, something no computer voice can do

I am pleased that Newsweek and Reader's Digest are now offered as downloadable publications, as is The Nation, which, if my understanding is correct, is produced for NLS. I like it because, well, it's green--no, I'm not talking about the mailer--and I don't need to worry about tapes getting destroyed. The sound quality is truly excellent.

Finally, I noticed something in your history that I thought was, for its time, brilliant. APH produced, if memory serves, the first ever recorded dictionary on cassette, and to my knowledge, the only recorded encyclopedia. Is there any chance of undertaking a project like that again, but in the digital domain? Thanks.


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