Tinker.com: Creating Event Streams

Tinker.com is a website that creates event streams so that you can easily follow all the latest news trending on Twitter and the web. Event streams are live updates of anything you want: the Olympics, new CD releases from your favorite artist, news trending in your city, or the latest updates on your favorite sports team.

Creating an account is necessary, but it is free. Once you create a stream, you will receive updates on that event or subject as they happen. These streams can also be embedded into a website. This would allow you to promote an event or create conversation about something.

Sometimes, it is difficult to stay on top of things. It requires time to search everywhere for one topic or event. Tinker could help to put everything about a certain subject into the same website, allowing you to have to visit only one website instead of a handful to find the information that you are looking for on a certain topic.


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