Organizing Jewelry

Many women have loads and loads of jewelry: dressy, casual, costume, gold, silver, and so on. Sometimes it is hard for women to keep all this jewelry organized. Imagine how hard it is, then, for a blind or visually impaired woman to organize her jewelry!

Here are some hints that have greatly helped me in organizing my gobs of jewelry.

The biggest suggestion I have is to buy yourself a good, large jewelry box with multiple drawers and separators. This jewelry box is similar to the one I own. 

Why I like it:

-It has two doors, one on either side, for hanging necklaces. You can hang silver-chained necklaces on one side, and gold necklaces on the other, for instance.
-The top flips up to reveal multiple rows of cushions for rings, as well as an open compartment on either side. I keep expensive/dressy rings on one row, casual rings on another, class rings on another, and so forth. Gold on the left, silver on the right, with a space in between so I know where one ends and the other begins.
-There are 5 drawers. The top drawer in my jewelry case has six different slots. I put dressy gold in one, dressy silver in another, and casual silver and casual gold in the remaining four. I separate the casual jewelry by hoops or dangly earrings with backs.
-The next drawer down has four compartments. I typically separate earrings in that drawer by color or type of earring. See below for more tips on earrings.
-The lower drawers are larger. They are perfect for bracelets or other items of jewelry.

More Earring Hints:

It is essential to know the shapes and colors of your earrings. Try not to buy the same earring in two different colors. Make sure your hoop earrings are different sizes and textures.

Earrings that dangle are trickier. Some earrings only have teeny-tiny rubber backs that can be impossible to put on an earring. Worse yet, try finding one of those things on carpet if you drop it. So frustrating! Luckily, there are other types of earring backs that are much easier to handle. sells earring backs that haveround, plastic disks on them. These, although they are still small, are much easier to hold on to and handle.

These are just some of the ways to make organizing jewelry simpler and easier.

Do you have a suggestion for how to organize jewelry? Leave a comment!


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