The Influence of Parents

By Donna Jodhan

I do not believe that anyone would dispute the fact that parents have an almost exclusive stranglehold when it comes to being influential on their kids and this trend is probably not going to change anytime soon.  Speaking for myself, I will tell you that my parents definitely influenced me to keep on fighting the good fight.  They were most influential in molding me into a well rounded person; using the weapons in my arsenal to full effect.  They influenced me to adopt the philosophy that the world does not owe me anything as a blind person.  That in order to fit into a mainstream world, I need to be as mainstream as I can be. 

So what do I really mean?  My parents influenced me to use every resource at my disposal in order to build a good life for myself.  They taught me to develop a sense of commitment and obligation to help make a better life for blind and sight impaired kids of today and tomorrow.  They taught me that I should use my resources to help those less fortunate than myself and to do everything that I could to improve opportunities for my fellow blind colleague.  They influenced me to have respect for myself and for others, to be humble, and be honest always.  Above all, they taught me loyalty and a deep appreciation for life and to never forget that my religious beliefs should never be compromised. 

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