How Close is Disability?

 By Donna Jodhan

Before embarking on my thoughts for today, I wish to state the following.  These are the perceptions that I believe that are held by many people and not necessarily my opinions.  If anyone finds this editorial to be offensive in any way, then I apologize.  However, I believe that these are my perceptions that have come about after having interacted with many who have not had an opportunity to fully understand the world of disability or to have had the chance to become aware of and familiar with issues pertaining to disability and with people who have a disability.

More often than not, we seem to ignore the frightening reality that like it or not, disability is only a fraction of a blink away.  Many of the mainstream world may choose to believe that they can avoid disability.  That if they ignore it, it will just simply go away and that if they don’t think about it, it would probably never affect them.  Right?  Wrong!

Believe it or not, disability can affect anyone.  Disability does not discriminate and it can make anyone its victim whenever it wants and wherever it chooses.  From the youngest to the oldest.  From the tiniest of babies to the oldest of people. 

An innocent child could be born with a disability; a crippling disease, a mental disability, or with loss of vision.  A healthy child or teen could unexpectedly develop a disability, lose their vision, or be crippled in an accident and the same could be said for any older person.  It lurks around the next corner. 

So what is my message for today?  It is always wise to remember how close disability is.  It lurks in the shadows.  It often turns up unexpectedly.  It often comes into our lives uninvited.  It comes in several forms; blindness, mental illness, loss of hearing, physical disability, and more. 

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