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The History of Thanksgiving

Who better to bring us the History of Thanksgiving than the History Channel? This is a really in depth site on the history behind the Thanksgiving holiday. You'll find the following sections:

First Thanksgiving: Here you can learn all about the food that was eaten on the first Thanksgiving, including some interesting surprises, like seal and swan. You can also learn about their eating habits and even their table manners. Be sure to check out the Pilgrims Menu (which only becomes visible when you've clicked into the First Thanksgiving section).

Mayflower Myths: Here you can read some commonly believed myths about the pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower and find out what really happened.

Pilgrim Interviews: Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum where you can interact with people portraying the pilgrims. Here you can listen to the interviews with Myles Standish and Ellinor Billington where they answer questions about the first feast. You can also read the text transcript…

Slide-A-Round Math Manipulatives

A special education teacher in Rome, Georgia was unsatisfied with tools for teaching math to elementary students. This teacher wanted something more tactile that would not be treated like a "toy" by his students. Additionally, the longest number line available only went up to 100.

According to the Slide-A-Round website, the creator writes, "Incorporating movable, interchangeable slides, I have created a number line system that can round whole numbers up to 10,000,000. It can round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000. During this process, I have consulted with math teachers and specialists, administrators, parents, and students from several different schools and school systems. I have also consulted with an occupational therapist, a hearing specialist, and vision-impaired specialist."

The Slide-A-Round website includes a description of the product as well as how-to videos, a product order form, and product pictures. Common core…

Learning from the Experts

Blind Ambitions Magazine

U.S. Entries Invited in 2013 T&T Tactile Book Competition

Get your creative wheels turning! Create and send APH a tactile book that makes a winning and appropriate book for children with visual impairments, birth to 12 years!

Typhlo & Tactus (T&T) is an international organization that exists to improve the quality, quantity, and availability of books with tactile illustrations. As part of T&T’s efforts, the organization conducts a biennial tactile book competition. First held in 2000, the 2011 T&T competition included more than 350 tactile books from 16 countries, featuring a wide range of types of tactile illustration (many with collaged textures), appealing visual elements, print/braille text, and innovative designs and formats.
In 2013, APH will participate for the second time, agreeing to be the U.S. national contact organization—publicizing the competition, directing U.S. participants to competition guidelines, and accepting and judging U.S. entries.

A panel of U.S. judges will review each entry sent to APH a…

What Happens When Technological Environments Change?

Announcing the Braille Plus 18!

Catalog Number:1-07466-00

APH is proud to introduce the Braille Plus 18, developed in partnership with LevelStar, LLC. Like its popular predecessor, the original Braille+, the new Braille Plus is a mobile device that puts unprecedented computing power in the hands of students and adults who are braille users.

The Braille Plus 18 will quickly become the hub of your on-the-go digital life. Use this handheld device to read books, write class assignments, scan documents, search the web, keep track of appointments, find directions, record lectures, listen to podcasts, run Android apps, and so much more!

Built-in 18-cell Refreshable Braille Display: Improve retention, enjoy privacy, and increase literacy. 5MP Camera with Flash: Quickly and accurately convert menus, papers, and books into braille or speech. Note: Camera does not recognize handwriting.GPS Navigation: Determine current location, discover nearby businesses, and get directions.-- Built-in Google Search: Efficientl…

APH News: November 2012

The November 2012 issue of APH Newsis out! Here you will find information about new products as well as all the goings on at APH, plus much more!

The World of Blind Builders