Blind Ambitions Magazine

There is a new magazine out called Blind Ambitions, published by Blind Ambitions Groups.  According to its website, "the mission of Blind Ambitions Groups is to educate the blind and visually impaired, and their families, about available resources, and to encourage each individual to move to the next step, whatever it may be." The monthly magazine comes in two forms: an E-Zine, which is completely accessible, and an audio CD. The upcoming December 2012 issue discusses holiday decorating tips and much more.

To subscribe, you must first register. The magazine is not free, but it is possible to receive a free copy of the magazine as a trial. For more information on how you can receive a free copy of this new magazine, you can send an email to the following email address at and then in the subject line write "How can I receive a free copy of the new magazine?"


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