My 2013 Wish List

By Donna J. Jodhan

Looking back on 2012, I must admit that it has been a very interesting year for most of us.  There have been many improvements made in certain areas but as always there have been some regressions and digressions elsewhere.
 Two steps forward and one step backward so to speak.  This seems to be the pattern for the last many years and this pattern should not be expected to change for the coming years. In some cases, things have remained status quo and this too should not be a surprise to anyone but I am going to go out on a limb here and make my wishes known for 2013 so here goes:

I wish that somehow, we will see the rise of another Steve Jobs; someone who like Mr Jobs will take matters in hand and continue his work to develop devices that are accessible to blind persons.  I do not think that this wish would be too hard for anyone to fulfill; just someone who dares to push the envelope and use their imagination to go beyond the blue horizon.

I wish that developers of access technology could find ways to bring down the prices of their products so that more blind persons would be able to afford to buy them.
I wish that blind kids would have a greater opportunity to be exposed to more mainstream like games, books, and devices. 

I also wish that blind persons could have greater access to info on websites, books, and texts.
Finally, I wish that attitudes and barriers facing blind persons could continue to improve and become more manageable amenable. I don't think that I would be asking for too much and of course, my wish list could be longer but I'd be happy with these for now.
Happy New Year to everyone!


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