The Spider Podium Holder for Your Phone

Do you use TextDetective or other text-to-speech software in which you need to focus your phone's camera on a document or piece of text? Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right angle and distance for the best results, or have trouble keeping your hand steady?

The Spider Podium Holder for smartphones could be the solution you've been looking for. The phone can sit portrait-style or landscape-style in the holder, which has eight flexible legs. The phone can be maneuvered at different angles and positions, like facing up so that the camera is facing directly down. The camera is not hidden by the holder, so once you get it in the desired position, you can let it rest hands-free and take a balanced, clear shot.

The legs of this holder can also be moved in all sorts of other positions, including becoming a holder for your car that fits on the vent.

Is it difficult for you to type on the touchscreen? This holder would also allow you to type or navigate using VoiceOver without having to hold the phone while you're doing it, if so desired.

The Spider Podium Holder is made by Meritline. It comes in black or white varieties.


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