Scholastic News® Subscriptions Now Available Through APH

Picture of a cover of a Scholastic News edition 

For decades, APH has been proud to offer braille and large print editions of Weekly Reader®. Now Weekly Reader® is Scholastic News® and you can order subscriptions via! APH offers accessible editions of Scholastic News® at a cost comparable to regular print subscriptions. And Federal Quota funds may be used!

Note: To facilitate our internal processing, please order magazine subscriptions on separate orders from other APH products and books.

Note: Orders for the 2013-14 school year will be accepted until Friday, February 28, 2014.

Subscription Rates for the 2013-2014 School Year, Per Student

Braille Scholastic News® No. of Issues Catalog No. Annual Price
Grade 2 32 ZW-SN2-B $4.49
Grade 3 24 ZW-SN3-B $4.49
Grade 4 24 ZW-SN4-B $4.49
Grade 5-6 24 ZW-SN5-B $4.49
Junior Scholastic® (Grades 6-8) 20 ZW-JRS-B $8.35
Science World® (Grade 6-10) 12 ZW-SSW-B $9.25       
Large Print Scholastic News® No. of Issues Catalog No. Annual Price
Grade 2 32 ZW-SN2-LT $4.49
Grade 3 24 ZW-SN3-LT $4.49
Grade 4 24 ZW-SN4-LT $4.49
Grade 5-6 24 ZW-SN5-LT $4.49
Junior Scholastic® (Grades 6-8) 20 ZW-JRS-LT $8.35
Science World® (Grades 6-10) 12 ZW-SSW-LT $9.25

Questions About a Subscription? If you have questions about a subscription, please contact Nancy Glur in our Magazine Subscription Dept. at 1-800-223-1839 or

Scholastic News, Junior Scholastic, Science World, and Weekly Reader are registered trademarks of Scholastic, Inc.


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