APH at the Louisiana Teacher Training Conference on Blindness and Low Vision

Photo of Kerry Isham at an APH booth

Hi, Kerry Isham, APH field services representative here! I’ll be at the upcoming Louisiana Teacher Training Conference on Blindness and Low Vision, September 20-22 in Ruston, LA. 

Some of the products I’ll be exhibiting include:

Best for a Nest – An interactive storybook that can help individuals learn counting and other concepts such as top, bottom, around, left, and right.

Getting to Know You – A social skills instructional kit aimed at increasing interactions between students who are blind or visually impaired and their sighted peers.

Paint Pot Palette – A kit that offers the experience of painting expressly to children with blindness or visual impairments, with custom-made tactile outline drawings and large print/braille-labeled paints.

Tactile Town – An O&M cognitive mapping kit made up of 3-dimensional manipulatives that will help individuals learn about intersections, crosswalks, route patterns, and street layouts.

Federal Quota funds can be used to purchase all of these products. Learn more about the Quota Fund program. Our products are available at http://shop.aph.org.  

I’m certainly looking forward to my first-ever visit to Louisiana!


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