The ODIN VI: An Accessible Basic Mobile Phone

ODIN VI mobile phone

By Robert Felgar, General Manager, Odin Mobile

Odin Mobile, the cell phone provider dedicated to serving the blind and visually impaired, is selling a basic mobile phone, called the ODIN VI that allows someone without sight to manage contacts, text message, set alarms and more.  The phone targets those who want a basic mobile phone that is accessible, as well as individuals who may not want to pay for a smart phone and their expensive monthly plans.

The phone speaks everything that is on the screen, speaks the keys that you press and even prompts you to perform certain functions.  You can choose between a few voices, which are clear and can be adjusted in volume.  The ODIN VI comes with a charging station, to make charging your phone easier.  When the user puts their phone in the charging station properly, the phone speaks and tells you that it is being charged.  The phone is a “slider”, which means that you slide open the top portion of the phone, in order to reveal the keypad.  Whenever you slide open the phone, it automatically speaks the time.  The buttons on the keypad are large and well spaced.  The phone speaks English, Spanish and some other European languages.

The ODIN VI allows the blind user to do everything that a sighted user can do with the phone.  An individual who is blind can create their own contacts and move through the contact list to hear the names read out loud.  Users can write text messages and hear their incoming messages spoken to them.  There is also an alarm function which allows the user to set 30 different alarms.  They can also access their call log to learn which calls they missed. The ODIN VI speaks the caller ID, as well as the amount of battery charge, the signal strength and the time and date.

The ODIN VI costs $150 and must be used with Odin Mobile service, which operates on T-Mobile’s network.  Plans cost between $10 for 150 minutes and $45 for 4000 minutes.  Text messaging is unlimited.  Also, members of the National Federation of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind receive a five percent discount.  To obtain the discount, identify yourself as an NFB or ACB member when you call to order the phone.

To learn more about the phone, visit You can also order the phone by calling 855-217-9459. 

Listen to the Blind Geek Zone podcast demonstrating the ODIN VI.


Unknown said…
I would like to take an ODIN VI phone to India for a totally blind friend. Will it work there? Anyone who knows the answer, please respond.

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