What are APH Quick Tips?

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Wanna be an APH know-it-all? The producers of the series, APH Quick Tips are in the business of helping you increase your “APH IQ” one short, informative video at a time! Each of these videos focuses on a particular facet of any and all things APH. Point your browser to aph.org/quick-tips every Wednesday to check out a new Quick Tip. If you have an idea for one you'd like to see, feel free to email Kerry at kisham@aph.org, contact Fred’s Head or tweet us @APHfortheBlind with the hashtag #APHQuickTip!

This week’s APH Quick Tip provides an introduction to the new product, Geometro: Student Workbook Kit, an assortment of materials and manipulatives for use with Geometro kits. Watch it here!


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