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Throwback Thursday Object: The Band of the Minnesota Braille and Sightsaving School


APH Quick Tip: the Power Switch on Your Book Port Plus

Find out when you don't need to use the power button on your Book Port Plus:

APH Quick Tip: "Key Describer" Mode on the Book Port Plus

In this week's APH Quick Tip, Maria Delgado shows you how to use the "key describer" mode on the Book Port Plus!

Throwback Thursday Object: The "Bundu Basher"


APH Quick Tip: Finding Titles on a Book Port Plus

So, you have a Book Port Plus, but don't know how to find titles on it? Let Maria Delgado show you how with this week's APH Quick Tip!

APH Quick Tip: Braille Readers Theater

This is the fourth year of the Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind’s Readers Theater! Come attend a showing of this year’s dramatic production! Upcoming performances:

- Friday, March 13, 7:00 PM
- Saturday, March 14, 1:00 PM

Each performance will include four short plays:

- “The Dogalog” by Rick Roderick
- “Milday Hero” by Barbara Henning
- “A Fire’s Definition” by Madelyn Lloyd
- “The Message That Wasn’t There” by Dave Trevino

Space is limited, reservations are required. To make reservations call 502-899-2213 or email Best for ages 12 and up.