Beautiful Braille: Show Your Love of Braille with Braille Jewelry

Are you looking for a unique gift, something for someone in your life who loves Braille? Maybe you want something unusual, unlike anything you can find in a regular jewelry store. In this post we will describe four websites that offer Braille jewelry, one of which sells other types of jewelry also and three which focus entirely on Braille.
The first site is called Katoj; it carries a line of Braille jewelry. They explain why they make Braille jewelry by saying:
Inspired by Nikki and Kendall, our friend’s twin daughters who are visually impaired, our Braille necklace and bracelet designs are a special edition to our line. Each ½” disc is stamped with one raised Braille cell that can be read by the Blind and Visually Impaired. We solder the jump rings for extra endurance and include a large jump ring on the end to ensure the discs do not fall off the chain upon removal. Our Braille design is not just for the VI community, it has also grown in popularity among young women who simply want a fun and trendy design that keeps their initials a mystery!
The site lets you choose up to 6 discs which equates to six Braille cells. Additionally, you can add one or two charms which could include crosses, stars of David, peace signs, or birthstones among others. Selecting your items is quite easy, and this portion of the site is fully accessible (we did not review the portions that did not include Braille items). Next you pick the length of the chain and write what goes in the discs and add your creation to the cart. Get more information or complete an order at
Next we mention a site called Braille Design which touts itself as, "Your source for custom Braille products made by experienced braillists." Braille Design also states that they are "the home of custom Braille jewelry, t-shirts and gifts. Tactile treasures designed to delight everyone." Some of their offerings include American Sign Language jewelry, Braille cane charms, guide dog harness charms, ID tags, Braille military-style dog tags, Braille neclaces, Braille earrings, Braille bracelets, and much more. You can customize many of these items; the site explains the materials that are used to create the items and the customization that is available. Follow them on Twitter @BrailleDesign or visit their site at
Our third site is called Elegant Insights Braille Creations. They present "Jewelry and accessories with a tactile twist." Elegant Insights groups their offerings into specific collections, such as the Spot-On Dog Tag Collection, the Touch of Nature collection, the Vain Cane Collection, the Initial Impressions Collection, the Touch of Purse-onality collection, the American Sign Language collection (coming soon), and many more. Elegant Insights also lets you customize many of their items. Follow them on Twitter @ElegantInsights, subscribe to their e-mail list to learn about the release of new products, or visit them at
Finally At First Sight Braille Jewelry is another place to find Braille charms, bracelets, bookmarks and more. At First Sight describes itself as "The original Braille fashion jewelry." Some of its products differ in terms of the sayings and items offered including Naughty Braille; they also, however, offer items like a touching words bookmark, a Sing Dance Love crystal bracelet or neclace, a Braille alphabet bracelet, and a Rock Out guitar pick keychain or charm. View their items at
Braille Designs, Elegant Insights, and At First Sight, as we noted above, focus on Braille jewelry. These sites are quite accessible and include well-described photographs of much of the jewelry they sell. Explore all four of these sites; perhaps you will find the perfect Braille gift for yourself or a loved one.


Thanks for the article and we can show only admiring to all of these sites. You can also find braille wristbands at AmazingWristbands!

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