Becoming a Better Cook: Tips and Recipes That Can Help

Becoming A Better Cook: Tips and Recipes That Can Help!


Do you wish you were a better cook? Have you allowed blindness or a visual impairment to prevent you from learning to cook? Perhaps you simply haven’t taken the time to learn. Maybe you have fairly well-developed culinary skills and want to improve them. Whether you are a novice cook, an expert, or you fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, we have found some resources that may be right for you.


Cooking in the Dark


Cooking in the Dark is a radio show that offers its listeners recipes and tips for making them. Hosts Dale Campbell and Cheryl Cummings demonstrate specific equipment that people who are blind and visually impaired can use to cook more easily and efficiently. The show is heard on ACB Radio Mainstream Saturday nights and Sundays and may also be available on other reading services for people who are blind.


Cooking in the Dark is archived; you can listen to shows from as far back as 2007. As you examine the archive, you will notice that each show’s description mentions what recipe or recipes the hosts will make on that show. Below the show description is a link to download that show directly. The archived shows are available at


Some of the gadgets used by Campbell and Cummings can be purchased from the Blind Mice Mega Mall, a site administered by Campbell which contains several categories of products. Some of the products are blindness-related while others are not. Check out the Mega Mall for more details about all of their available products. As the slogan for Cooking in the Dark says: You don’t have to have sight to cook dinner tonight!


Cooking in the Dark Email List


You may be wondering where Campbell and Cummings get the recipes that they cook on their show. Some of them, at least, come from the Cooking in the Dark email list, a list dedicated to the sharing of tips, tricks and recipes by cooks who are blind and visually impaired. Cooks of all levels are encouraged to join the list, ask questions and share tips and recipes. If you wish to subscribe to the list, send a blank email to and reply to the message you receive. For more details about the list including list guidelines, go to


The Blind Mom Blog


This blog is written by Nicole Rasmussen, a mother of four children. Rasmussen, after losing her sight in 2001, was scared to have children. She admits that a mother who is blind faces unique challenges that a mother with sight probably would not face. At the same time, as Rasmussen says, “I hope as you follow my blog that you can laugh, cry, and experience with me what it is like being a blind mom.”


I try to share my story and testimony as much as I can, Rasmussen states on her page telling about herself. I feel that it has given me an amazing opportunity to help others who are going through trials and hardships. I also love to share my love of cooking with other mothers.


Rasmussen has appeared on several prominent television shows. Videos of her appearances are on her About Me page on her blog. In addition to her personal story, Rasmussens blog contains a recipe wall that contains recipes of varying types including beef, pork, chicken, breakfast, soups, casseroles, sides and drinks, and desserts. You can follow Rasmussen on Twitter or contact her by filling out the form on her blog.


Anyone looking for recipes will find an incredible number of them on the Cooking in the Dark radio show and email list and the Blind Mom blog. In addition, all of these resources can provide cooking tips. Their existence also may encourage more individuals who are blin


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