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Countless websites and newsletters provide online coupons and promo codes for saving money at stores and websites. One of these sites is You may browse the site at your leisure. We mention CouponChief, however, because one of its employees sent us a Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities which it recently developed. The site already produced savings guides for women, veterans, and seniors.

The savings guide for people with disabilities is general in scope and is not tailored to people who are blind or to any other particular group. That being said, people who are blind and visually impaired certainly may benefit from the guide.

What is Covered?

The guide is broken down into the following sections:

·         Financial Hardship statistics

·         Organizations that Help People with a Disability Get Discounts and Special Pricing

·         Discounts and Special Offers Available to Those with Disabilities

·         Free Assistive Technology

·         Caregivers, Health Care, and Financial Assistance

·         Educational Assistance

·         Legal Help/Pro Bono Work

·         Tax Assistance

·         Transportation Discounts and Services

·         Utility Discounts

How Do I Use the Guide?

You may navigate the guide by searching for the section you wish to browse or by key words if you know exactly what you are hoping to find. You also can use the h-key to move from heading to heading using a screen reader. Doing this moves you from section to section in succession.

What is Contained in Each Section?

Each section of this guide includes links and descriptions of websites, providing basic information as to what each site does. In several instances, the guide points you to a national resource which breaks the information down by state. The savings guide, then, provides the starting place for your review of potential discounts and savings opportunities. Often you will have to enter a given site and research it carefully to find the information that interests or is relevant to you individually.


While the main CouponChief site concentrates on coupons anyone can use, this guide and the ones created previously seek to assist particular groups of individuals. The CouponChief staff is quick to point out that they assembled this guide not to make anyone feel “less than …”. Rather, since they are a site promoting savings, they offer the guide in the hope that people with disabilities can take advantage of additional savings whenever possible. Perhaps the most important advice the CouponChief team relates is this: JUST ASK! Stores and retailors may offer discounts but may choose not to mention them so as not to offend anyone; nevertheless, if you ask for a possible discount, you may get it. We hope that something in this guide helps you save some money. Whether you save a little or a lot, who doesn’t want extra money in their pocket! Check out the guide at


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