April 2017 APH News

This month we focus on partnerships. Our Braille Tales program developed from a partnership with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

A Few of This Month’s Headlines:

Partnerships: Vital to Providing Products and Services
  • NEW! Talking Typer™ (for iOS devices)
  • NEW! Woodcock-Johnson® IV Adapted for Large Print Readers
  • NEW! Spinner Overlays for the Light Box
  • NEW! APH InSights Art Calendar: 2018
  • Field Tests and Surveys
  • At Home, Abroad—Partnerships Yield a Harvest of Books
  • Braille in the Modern Age
  • STEM Corner: Tactile Anatomy Atlas and the DNA RNA Kit
  • Planning Meeting for UEB Research
  • NIMAC Version 3 Launched with New Features
  • Social Media Spotlight
  • APH Travel Calendar and more…


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