Word Puzzles Call Out for Beta Testers

Word Puzzles is an accessible cross-platform web app for solving digital crossword puzzles. For this first round of testing, APH is looking for beta testers to test Word Puzzles on desktop browsers. (Future rounds of testing will include mobile browsers.)
The testing process is simple. To be a beta tester for Word Puzzles, join the Word Puzzles email list by sending a blank message to pz-beta-subscribe@tech.aph.org or provide feedback via the Feedback Link in the About form in the web app. If you send feedback or subscribe to the list, we will ask you to fill out a short survey as well. It’s as easy as that.
As you are testing Word Puzzles, here are some things to consider:  
·              Does this application allow you to do crossword puzzles?  
·              Is the user interface easy to use?  
·              Was the documentation helpful?
·              What would make the experience of doing crossword puzzles more enjoyable for you?  
Subscribe to the email today or go straight to the web app to get started. We look forward to your feedback. 
Word Puzzles web apphttps://wordpuzzles.aphtech.org 
Word Puzzles User Guide: https://tech.aph.org/pz/


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