Throwback Thursday: Patronato Nacional de Ciegos

Twelve by nine inch poster promoting eye health
Our collection includes items from all over the world.  This poster come from the Patronato Nacional de Ciegos, the National Association for the Blind in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The colorful design, by H. Olivera, features a large yellow eye on a blue background above stylized male and female figures.  The Spanish text translates to “Good vision contributes to good health and good health to good vision.”  As in America, public health officials in Argentina knew that many eye conditions that can lead to blindness are easily preventable.  We have several other posters in the country’s campaign to encourage its citizens to have their eyes checked.  This poster dates from the 1950s, but even today, the World Health Organization estimates that over 80% of all vision impairment, worldwide, can be prevented or cured.


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