Throwback Thursday: Raised Letter Book from Mexico

The binding of Pequeña Geografia del Distrito Federal
with black and green marbled paper cover
by Mike Hudson

Our object this week is a new acquisition, and a wonderful find.  This is a raised letter edition of a geography textbook, “Pequeña Geografia del Distrito Federal,” or "Geography of the Federal District."  It was embossed at the Escuela Nacional de Ciegos (National School for the Blind in Mexico City, Mexico) in 1899.  I consulted our friends at the Perkins School, the American Foundation for the Blind, and the NFB Jacobus tenBroek Library, and none had any raised letter books from Mexico.  The font is heavily influenced by the flowery fonts used by Valentin Haüy and Sebastien Guillie to emboss the first raised letter books in France rather than the angular fonts more popular in England and the United States.

The title page of Pequeña Geografia del Distrito Federal,
embossed in flowery raised letters


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