Throwback Thursday: On the road

Mike Hudson of APH standing in front of a
 bright aluminum building with a rounded roof.
I am on the road this week, but as I passed through Memphis, TN I couldn't resist taking a side trip for a little APH history.  In the years after World War II, popular music was undergoing dramatic changes.  As small record companies tried to get regional styles like blues and country western records pressed, they ran into a number of technological barriers.  Several turned to APH, which had been pressing Talking Book records on vinyl since 1936, for help.  One was Sidney Nathan at King Records in Cincinnati.  Mr. Nathan even hired away the APH production manager!  But a lesser known company that learned from the printing house was Plastic Products, owned by Buster Williams.  In 1956, Williams did a small job for another regional studio, Sun Records, a recording of "All Right Mama" by Elvis Presley. The quonset huts that housed Plastic Products are still standing on Chelsea Avenue in Memphis, and we visiting them over the weekend.  Is it possible that APH saved Elvis?


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