Throwback Thursday: Vintage STEAM Product

Our object this week is an early STEAM product introduced in 1984 for low vision students.  “Microscope Use and Basic Life Forms” was adapted from a 1967 kit developed for fully sighted students by a company called National Teaching Aids (NTA).  That is not uncommon, teachers of the visually impaired see innovative teaching tools developed for ordinary classrooms and adapt them for students who are blind.  The slide viewer, which looked like a plastic microscope, the lesson programs, and a set of 160 slides came directly from NTA, with audio versions on cassette added by APH.  The kit introduced basic concepts of botany and zoology, and a second kit covered microbiology and human anatomy.
 Black plastic slide viewer shaped like a microscope and a black cardboard mailing case filled with clear plastic bags.  Each bag holds a strip of slides, print lesson plan, and an audio cassette.


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