New BrailleBlaster Version Available for Download

BrailleBlaster version 1.1.17-stable is now available for download here! With this update you can expect a refining of previous processes and improved accessibility. Download the new version today to check out these updates including:

Hands on a braille booklet
  • New file type fixes - Headings are now getting KeepWithNext. No unnecessary blank lines are appearing between list level changes. ePUB3 elements that appeared spatially are now appearing on a single line and editing them does not cause any issues. Minor bug fixes for specific files.
  • Spatial Math Editor - Nonspecific alerts have been made clearer.
  • Accessibility - Installer works with high-contrast settings. TOC Builder Headings drop down accessible by keyboard.
  • Uncontracted tables - Uncontracted UEB and UEB with Nemeth tables are using the same math translation tables as the contracted versions of those tables.

We also want to invite you to support BrailleBlaster and help to make this amazing tool even better. While BrailleBlaster is free software, it takes resources to continue development and provide support. Donate to the effort here!


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