A New Website: Making the Web More Accessible

"We're getting a new look... New site launching soon."

We’re excited to announce that a new APH website is just around the corner! Before the coding even started we looked at all the feedback from you, our users, to determine how our site would best serve you. We held external focus groups comprised of educators, EOTs, consumers, and those working in the field of blindness and visual impairment. The overhaul has been a project of colossal proportion, and phase one is almost done.

Accessibility First

From day one, the work on our new website has put accessibility first. The new user experience uses the very best technology we have to offer. For users who are visually impaired, it will be easy to change the font size. The navigation is clean and simple: screen readers will have no problem working with the site.

Important Features

The new APH shopping experience will be like shopping on Amazon. Customers will have up-to-date shipping information and can put items into a wish list. The new site was designed with our customers in mind. How does the average person shop, or browse a website? We are now giving our customers the same experience they’re used to getting from big companies on the internet.

EOTs are also getting great new features. For the first time, EOTs will have one single sign-on for all of their accounts. Teachers will be able to log on to the site and create a wish list. The EOTs will then have the option to approve, change, or deny that request.

A New Flow of Information

The new website will be sleek and easy for any user. Information will be shared through article style blog posts. These will be easy to share on social media and ensure that you can easily find the information that is relevant to your interests.

It’s Going to Take Some Time to Get It Right

We’re so excited to share this new site with you. We wish we could promise a perfect transition to the new website, but we can’t. We’ve spent an entire month testing for bugs internally, but the launch still won’t be perfect. We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to sharing this amazing new site with you soon.


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