Throwback Thursday: Game of Beetle

The wooden “beetle” assembled:
body, six legs, tail, neck, and head

Our object this week reminds me of a game I had as a kid, called Cootie.  You built this bug out of bright plastic.  I think it is still on the market.  Turns out that “Cootie” was introduced in Minneapolis in 1949 by a postman, William Schaper.  And as often happens, the idea was “borrowed” by another manufacturer, the Royal National Institute for the Blind in London, England.  RNIB’s version was called “Beetle” and it was made of wood, but otherwise it was pretty much “Cootie” under another name.  It seems unlikely that you could get away with something like that today without getting a nice “cease-and-desist” letter.  The game came with four sets of pieces to assemble your “bug,” braille instructions and a molded plastic die with raised dots.

The blue cardboard game box.


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