Work Like a Dog, Literally!


Guide dog Romeo
Guide dog Joyce

It's National Work Like a Dog Day! While people are working like a dog at their jobs, guide dogs are working alongside them. To earn the job of a guide dog, a puppy must first be taught basic obedience skills from its puppy raisers. The puppy raisers are also responsible for socializing the puppy in different environments, such as schools and nursing homes, and on multiple modes of transportation, such as cars and buses. 

Once the puppy is old enough and has passed all its evaluations, the puppy heads back to the guide dog school for formal harness training. While in harness, the instructor teaches the puppy to obey commands like left, right, and forward so that they can guide a blind or visually impaired handler. After taking and passing more tests, the puppy is ready to meet their perfect match and become a guide dog. Soon, the selected blind or visually impaired person travels to the school to meet and train with the puppy. The two cement their bond of love and trust as they navigate real-life situations together. 

Guide dog Carlton
Guide dog Nina

The fun begins when both puppy and person come home as an official guide dog team. Guide dogs get to go everywhere and do everything their partner does. They will lead their partner to work, help them cross busy streets, and even go on family vacations, all while ensuring their safety. The dog's harness indicates to others that they are on the job and can not be distracted. Throughout the workday, they will “clock out” when their partner removes their harness, and they can have free time. Not everyone wants to work like a dog, but everyone loves working with a dog! #NationalWorkLikeADogDay


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